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Tebuconazole Use
Oct 13, 2017

Pentazolol, an efficient, broad-spectrum, endoscopytriazole antiseptic pesticide, has three functions of protection, treatment and eradication, and the bactericidal spectrum is wide and the duration is long. Like all triazole fungicides, pentazolol inhibits biosynthesis of mycosterol in fungi.

The physical and chemical properties: the goods is colorless crystals, melting temperature of 102.4 ℃, the vapor pressure of 0.0133 mPa (20 ℃) : solubility (20 ℃) : 32 mg/L water, toluene 50-100 - g/L.

Toxicity: low toxicity, acute oral LD50 of rats, 4 000mg/kg, female and male mice with acute oral LD50, 3 933mg/kg and 2 000mg/kg respectively, acute transdermal LD50 >5 000mg/kg.

Purposes: the goods belong to three azole pesticide, is sterol demethylation inhibitor, is an important economic crop seeds is used for processing or foliar spraying high-effect fungicide, cereal crops can effectively control the variety of rust, powdery mildew, mesh spot, root rot, the heavy, smut and pass the round spot and early rice sheath blight, etc.

Specifications: 95%, 98% original. 125g/L water emulsion, 25% cream, 25% wettable powder, 43% suspension, 80% water dispersant, used for leaf spray; Raxil,FS (25g/L). DS (20g/kg), WS, LS, for seed treatment.

Toxicity: according to Chinese pesticide toxicity grading standard, the drug is a low-toxicity fungicide. Acute transcutaneous LD50 4000mg/kg in rats, acute oral LD50 of male mice, 2000mg/kg, acute transdermal LD50 3933mg/kg, acute transdermal LD50> 5000mg/kg. Acute inhalation LC50 (4h) >0.8mg/l air (aerosol), >5.1mg/l (powder). The drug is moderately toxic to fish, with goldfish LC50 (96 hours) 8.7 mg/liter. Environmental impact: use bee safety as required. Fish LD50 (96h, mg/L) : golden arrofish 8. 7, rainbow trout 6.4; Acute oral LD50 (mg/kg) : chicken 4438, partria 4438 (male), 2912 (female), north American quail 1988. Laboratory tests are slow to break down in soil and fast in fields.

Function characteristics

Pentazolol is an efficient, broad-spectrum, endoscopytriazole antiseptic pesticide, which has three functions of protection, treatment and eradication, and the bactericidal spectrum is wide and the duration is long. According to the study of the vast group of experts in Qingdao and the study of technical experts in New Zealand, it was found that, like all triazole fungicides, pentazolol inhibits biosynthesis of the fungus's ergosterol.

Pentazolol is used worldwide as seed treatment and leaf spray. It is widely used in sterilization spectrum, not only in high activity but also in duration. Mainly used for the prevention and treatment of e listed wheat, rice, peanuts, vegetables, bananas, apples, pears, and a variety of fungi diseases on crops such as corn, sorghum, its more than 50 countries around the world 60 acquire the registration and widely used in a variety of crops. The goods used for prevention and control of rape sclerotium disease, not only the good control effect, and has the lodging resistance, increasing yield obvious characteristics of the mechanism of action of bacteria to curb its membrane to methylation of ergosterol, prevented bacteria cell membrane formation, so as to kill germs. The synthesis of pentazolol was studied in many ways, including the preparation of chloroformaldehydes as the starting material and the preparation of pentazolol by condensation of aldehydes, catalytic hydrogenation, epoxidation reaction and addition reaction.


1. Contact this agent should observe the safe use of pesticide and wear protective clothing. Smoking and eating are prohibited at work. After work, apply soap and water to wash your face, hands and exposed areas.

2. Seeds treated with this agent are strictly prohibited for human consumption or animal feed.

3 this agent should be stored in dry, ventilated, cool and untouchable areas.

Seek immediate medical attention if poisoning occurs. There is no special antidote for this medicine.

When the stem leaf spray is used, the concentration should be used in seedling stage and fruit tree during seedling stage, so as to avoid the harmful effects.