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Tebuconazole Three Functions
Aug 25, 2017

Tebuconazole is an efficient, broad-spectrum, within the suction triazole fungicide pesticides, with protection, treatment, eradication of the three functions, sterilization spectrum wide, long lasting. It is mainly used to control a variety of fungal diseases on wheat, rice, peanut, vegetable, banana, apple, pear and corn sorghum. It is not only effective, Inhibit the cell membrane ergosterol demethylation, making the bacteria can not form a cell membrane, thereby killing bacteria. If the amount exceeds the specified limit, the impact on the emergence of wheat, which should be strictly in accordance with the product label or instructions recommended dosage.

In the course of the application, wheat smut and head smut, wheat powdery mildew, rust, maize smut, sorghum smut, smectic acid treated with tebuconazole, and land Rake, planting depth is generally 3 to 5 cm is appropriate. The emergence may be late, but does not affect the subsequent growth.


1 contact with the agent should comply with the safe use of pesticide operating procedures, put on protective clothing. Do not smoke and eat during work. After work, apply soap and water to wash hands, hands and exposed parts.

2 Seeds treated with this agent are forbidden for human or animal feed.

3 The agent should be stored in dry, ventilated, cool and children can not reach the place.

4 If poisoning occurs, seek medical attention immediately. The drug without special antidote, symptomatic treatment.

5 stems and leaves spray, in the vegetable seedling, fruit trees should pay attention to the use of young fruit concentration, so as to avoid injury.