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Tebuconazole Obvious Characteristics
Nov 02, 2017

Triazophos is a triazole pesticide fungicide, it is a steroid-alcohol off-methyl inhibitor, which is an efficient fungicide for seed treatment or foliar spraying of important cash crops, Tebuconazole which can effectively control many kinds of rust, powdery mildew, net spot disease, root rot, red mildew, smut and the kind of transmission wheel spot disease of cereal crops.

Amyl alcohol is a highly effective, broad-spectrum, internal-suction triazole pesticide fungicides pesticide fungicides pesticide fungicides, with protection, Tebuconazole treatment, eradication of three functions, sterilization spectrum wide, long period of validity. Non-polluted fruit surface of water-based agents, has very strong internal suction and upper and lower conductivity.

The alcohol is used to prevent and cure Apple spotted leaves, Tebuconazole brown spot and powdery mildew. A variety of fungal diseases, such as wheel sheath disease, pear Black star disease and grape white rot disease, are the first choice fungicides for the production of high quality and high-grade fruit for export. For rape sclerotinia disease, rice disease, cotton seedling disease, and so on, not only good protection, but also lodging resistance, increase the role of increased production characteristics, the product can also be widely used in wheat, vegetables and some cash crops (such as peanuts, grapes, cotton, bananas, tea, etc.). The use of amyl alcohol in the control of rape Sclerotinia disease is not only effective, but also has the characteristics of lodging resistance and increasing yield.

Amyl alcohol is an efficient, broad-spectrum, internal suction triazole Fungicide 1986 by the German Bayer Crop Science Co., Ltd. successfully developed and in 1995, 1999, 2000 in China registered Lixio 2% Dry Mix agent, 2% wet seed agent, 6% suspended seed coating agent of the library 25% water emulsion, Tebuconazole good Lectra 43% suspension agent, Lixio 90% Masterbatch. Domestic enterprises in 1999 began to register the original medicine, single agent, compound preparation is mainly used to prevent wheat rust, Tebuconazole scab and rice, fruit trees on a variety of diseases. Triazole class has been a large sales of fungicides for many years the use of the first of the three-triazole alcohol, the high activity, control effect, cost-effective compared to similar products has a great advantage. The strong market of amyl alcohol is becoming a substitute for controlling rice sheath blight and rice koji disease in wheat rust in the next few years, the market will be developing rapidly.

The effect of metronidazole on wheat scab, fruit tree diseases and rice sheath blight in recent years has been favored by the market for a period of time in the use of Triazole fungicides in the first place but in the last 2 years market share has decreased slightly.

The alcohol has permeability and internal suction. For example, in the apple leaves in the middle of a cross drug, infiltration of the agent into the blade thickness can be channeled and redistribution, Tebuconazole the drug is not applied to the small part of a good protection, the base also has a good protective effect.

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