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Tebuconazole Antibacterial Effect
Sep 27, 2017

Tebuconazole is a triazole fungicide developed by Bayer with an inhalation protection and eradication activity. Is a highly efficient, broad-spectrum,Tebuconazole within the suction triazole pesticide fungicide, with protection, treatment, eradication of the three major functions, sterilization spectrum wide, Tebuconazole long lasting. Do not pollute the fruit surface of the water-based formulations, a strong internal absorption and up and down conductivity, can be used to control apple spots leaves, brown spot, powdery mildew. Rot disease, pear scab, grape white rot and other fungal diseases, is the production of high quality export fruit of choice for fungicide.

From the mode of action, tebuconazole on the bacteria showed antibacterial effect on the plant is the performance of the treatment. From the mechanism of action, mainly on the pathogenic fungi ergosterol biosynthesis inhibition. Can be quickly absorbed by the site where the plant has growth force and is mainly transferred to the top. Not only has bactericidal activity, but also can promote crop growth, Tebuconazole so that the root system developed, thick green leaves, plant robust, effective tiller increased, thereby increasing production.

Tebuconazole is mainly used for seed processing and foliar spraying of important cash crops. The foliage spray can be used to control the rust of the cereal crops, powdery mildew, net spot, root rot and wheat scab, etc., if the seed treatment, can prevent the disease caused by powdery mildew, Tebuconazole such as can be completely Prevention and control of barley marsh head smut, wheat net smut, and species of rotation disease. In addition to control apple spot disease, grape gray mold, powdery mildew and banana leaf spot and tea tree cake disease. Tebuconazole can be used with some other fungicides such as carbendazim, thiram and other fungicides used, Tebuconazole can also be used with some pesticides such as carbofuran, methyl isofenphos, phoxim and other mix, made of package Clothes seed dressing to control the ground, underground pests and soil transmission, seed disease.

Triazole fungicides are the largest sales of the existing fungicide in a class, and tebuconazole is triazole fungicides in the largest sales of a variety. Is a more prominent category of heterocyclic compounds, there is a great market prospects, has gradually become the main agent in the fungicide, Tebuconazole the efficacy of triadimefon is several times, is the main substitute for triadimefon.

From the current situation in our country, the potential of the compound has not yet been fully exploited, to be further studied. With the expansion of the scope of application, the use of frequency, dosage, area increases, may lead to the emergence of drug resistance. Therefore, Tebuconazole in the promotion and application at the same time, should pay attention to scientific and rational use of drugs, to ensure good control effect at the same time, delay the emergence and development of resistance, thereby extending the life of the compound.