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Fungicides What
Jun 14, 2017

Reference to fungicides, Fungicides generally divided into agricultural and life-use, agricultural fungicides are used to prevent fungi, bacteria and other diseases caused by a class of pesticides. Xiao Bian here to explain the main agricultural fungicide what? Or what are common agricultural fungicides?

I. According to the raw material source of agricultural fungicide

1. Inorganic compounds. Fungicides such as sodium dichromate, copper sulfate, zinc chloride, cadmium tetrachloride and so on.

2. Organic tin. such as triphenyl acetate tin, tributyltin fluoride and so on.

3. Organic arsenic such as Tian (ferric methyl arsenate), Shanning (calcium methanesulfonate), Rice foot green (zinc methanesulfonate), Fungicides Fu Mei Arsenic (Asu Jian) and so on.

4. Organic phosphorous. such as aluminum triphosphate (Phytophthora, SARS, phosphorus and aluminum), Rice plague Net, the net of different rice blast, Fungicides the enemy plague phosphorus (g-plague scattered).

5. Organic mercury such as chlorinated ethyl mercury, mercuric acetate, sulfa mercury, ethyl phosphate mercury, etc.

6. Organic sulphur such as ethyl allicin (ethane thio sulfonic acid ethyl ester, antibacterial agent 402), the ammonium bicarbonate, the generation of zinc, the generation of manganese zinc, Thiram Shuang, Tobzin (sulfur bacteria spirit), methyl thiophanate (methyl sulfide), Fungicides sterilization Dan, gram bacteria Dan and so on.

7. Nitrogen Heterocyclic rings and other nitrogen-containing compounds. such as the benzene bacteria (benzene), Carbendazim (Benzimidazole 44th), (Tequedo), bacterial nucleus (sheath blight), ethylene bacteria (Lilling), enemy withered pairs, ye bis (bacterial wilt, leaf blight, leaf wilt ning, Chuan-018), Triazole (Than Yan, (g), Powder Rust ning (Prozac, Triazole), Encyclopedia (Bis (benzotriazole), Fungicides Bifidobacterium), formyl aniline, enemy force off (cyclopropyl), leaf blight (Yu-7802), leaf blight net (kill withered net, benefiting essence, 5-oxo-Pyrazine) , Wo Sui ning (million bacteria Ling, e-ring lung), heterotrophic urea (rush), Fungicides speed poly, benzene cyanide (benzene, double), the enemy of bacteria, powder, alcohol, the special Fu Ling, the evil mildew spirit (soil bacterium to eliminate), the withered rust spirit, the LE ratio cultivation (chlorobenzene pyrimidine alcohol), the Rot mildew benefit (quick gram spirit), the Rice Plague Spirit (Fuji first number), the sterilization dithizone, the sterilization ketone, the hydroxyl rust ning, metribuzin and so on.

8. Benzene-containing compounds. such as Biphenyl, six Chlorobenzene, Niclosamide, five chloro-nitrobenzene, hundred bacteria clear (four chloro benzene two clear,), benzoyl benzene hydrazine, the Ortho amide, the enemy Fenaminosulf (ground Fenaminosulf, the enemy sodium), the fluorine grain amine (hope good many), the rust-removing amine (grain of gram), the Gebis (four chlorobenzene), Rice blast), Fungicides alpha Cream (rui toxin cream, nail cream, Redomir), five chlorophenol (PCP), two chlorobenzene, Bisphenol, bisphenol, ortho-phenyl phenol, 8-hydroxyquinoline, ground Mao powder, etc.

9. Other compounds. such as total fluorine acetone, bromine methane, chlorinated bitter, four chlorine to quinone, two hydroquinone, imide (mildew energy),Fungicides pyrazole alcohol (Lixio), Fluconazole (Fuxing), mycophenolate (million profit, mycophenolate), clear bacterium, imidazole (Prochloraz), Frost Mildew Wei (General Lectra), Quinolone and so on.

Second, according to the use of agricultural fungicides

1, the protective agent: Before the pathogenic microorganism does not contact the plant or does not immerse the plant body, uses the Medicament treatment plant or the surrounding environment, achieves suppresses the pathogen spore germination or kills the germination pathogen spore, Fungicides in order to protect the plant from its harm, this function is called the protective function. A medicament having such a role is a protective agent. such as Bordeaux liquid, the generation of zinc, copper sulfate, manganese, zinc, and so on.

2, treatment: Pathogenic microorganisms have been immersed in the plant body, but the plant symptoms in the incubation period. Drugs from the plant epidermis into the internal plant tissue, to transport, diffuse, or produce metabolites to kill or inhibit pathogens, so that the disease is no longer injured, and restore health. An agent with this therapeutic effect is called a therapeutic agent or a chemical therapy. such as Thiophanate, Carbendazim, Chun-chun, etc.

3, eradication agent: refers to the plant feeling disease after the drug can directly kill the original invasive plant pathogens. The agent with this eradication effect is the antidote. such as Thiram arsenic, stone sulfur mixture.

Three, according to the agricultural fungicide in the plant body conduction characteristic cent

1, internal suction fungicide: can be plant leaves, stems, the roots and seeds are absorbed into the plant body, transported, diffused, retained or produced metabolites through the plant's bodily fluids, which can prevent and cure some diseases in the plant or seed endosperm in order to protect the crops from pathogens the original or to treat the plants that have already been susceptible, thus having therapeutic and protective effects. such as Carbendazim, Lectra bacteria, Green Heng No. 2nd, multiple mildew clear, Fungicides frost disease clear, a frost spirit, ethyl phosphate aluminum, thiophanate, enemy Fenaminosulf, powder Rust ning, antivirus alum, mixed kind of double.

2, non-internal suction fungicide: Refers to the drug can not be absorbed in the plant and conduction, retention. At present, most of the species are non-smoking fungicides, such agents are not easy to make pathogens resistant to the original, more economic, but most of them only have protective effect, can not prevent in-depth plant disease. such as zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, many fruit set, Fungicides hundred bacteria clear, green milk copper, surfactant, synergist, sulfur mixture, vegetation ash, Bordeaux liquid, the generation of Sen manganese Zinc, Thiram double and so on.