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Fungicides Use Excessive Symptoms
Oct 24, 2017

Cotton in the process of growing there will be some disease, if the right choice of drugs, not only to prevent disease, but also to the healthy growth of cotton, for this phenomenon, we simply introduce cotton under the three criteria for selection of fungicides.

Standard for Selection of Cotton Fungicides

First, the fungicide standard query, the market variety of fungicides in the purchase should be to the pesticide fungicide testing center to check the manufacturer registration certificate information.

Second, the variety of special, very long manufacturers of products are generic products, generic products can only meet the general needs of crop nutrition, and a single cotton crop can not provide adequate nutrients, so in the choice of special to the main.

Third, the comparative test, in order to reduce the cost of investment and the effect of spraying to conduct a comparative test, select two to three fungicide products for control, and ultimately determine the long-term use of the best products.

Cotton Fungicide Casting Tips

1. spray site, according to the principle of crop growth, leaves more than the front of the stomata, so the spray should be based on the back, of course, should also take into account the front, even spray can be.

2. spraying time, in the spray to choose cloudy or sunny morning, evening, this can reduce the evaporation of leaves to improve the absorption rate, in this emphasis on the cotton flowering do not spray.

3. Mix with pesticide fungicide, cotton planting process is essential to the phenomenon of disease, spray fungicides can be mixed with pesticide fungicide, which can improve production efficiency, but need to pay attention to the mix Pay attention to the consultation or small area test, to prevent phytotoxicity.

Fungicides in the process of vegetable growth will be used, and sometimes there will be excessive use of the situation, for this phenomenon, what can be resolved, for everyone to introduce a brief.

Fungicides use excessive symptoms

Crop foliar application if the overdose will appear the following symptoms:

1. Seedlings, excessive spraying will cause burning seedlings, stop growing.

2. Vegetable leaves are yellow and burned.

3. Vegetable leaves appear on the strange brown, black spots or leaves dry shrinkage, leaf edge dry phenomenon.

Vegetable Fungicide Apply Excessive Solution

Excessive solution of fungicides

1. spray over the above symptoms must be immediately sprayed with water, leaves are, the back should be taken into account, this can play a dilution of fungicide solution, reduce the concentration of vegetables continue to damage.

2. Irrigation, vegetable roots active, so in the event of injury can also be timely irrigation, prompting the roots to absorb moisture, dilute the concentration of their own solution.

3. Decontamination injury, if there is serious injury, you can use the German new land of uranium-fungicide, can solve all kinds of crops / phytotoxicity, three days to restore vitality.


Currently on the market more types of fungicides in the selection of qualified products must be in accordance with the above application guidelines, must not be considered to increase the amount of high yield, etc., and then with other fungicides or pesticide fungicide mix and match First small area test, in the absence of injury under the circumstances can be a large number of applications.