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Fungicides Pesticide
Aug 25, 2017

Fungicides are used to control a variety of plant diseases, a class of pesticides, commonly known as fungicides, but usually we are called fungicides in general, China in the vegetables, grains, cotton, fruit trees, flowers and other crops control In addition, in addition to disease-resistant varieties, the fungicide has become the main measures to control the disease, fungicide on the disease ashamed to use the main role of protection, treatment and eradication, the role of protection is not in the crop before the spray 'cloth pesticide , His pathogens can not invade, protect crops from pathogens.

In a long time ago are fungicides are inorganic compounds, to today is still in use, nearly 20 years, with isothiazolone derivatives fungicide-based fungicides have been widely used in coatings, cooling circulating water, metal Processing, cleaning supplies, adhesives, pulp, textiles, plastics and other fields, as the protection of various types of industrial materials and products from microbial hazards one of the most effective means, with the development of science and agriculture, fungicides are divided into many Species.

Since the 1950s, China has developed protective fungicides. Since the 1970s, the development of inhalation fungicides and agricultural antibiotics has been developed. As the application technology of fungicides is complicated, the development speed is not as fast as the insecticide, but the fungicide The development of the fungus will be accelerated, but the fungicide in the field of industrial applications, and the history of the occurrence of a certain occurrence of a number of farmers, Plant disease caused serious famine.

Classification and effect of fungicides

1, the protective agent in the pathogenic microorganisms did not contact the plant, or has been exposed but not invaded the plant before the use of drugs to deal with plants or plants in which the environment to protect the plant from harm. This role for the protection of the role of a protective agent called the protective agent. Such as: Bordeaux liquid, on behalf of the zinc, such as the United States and zinc. The same time as

2, the therapeutic agent pathogenic microorganisms have invaded the plant, but the plant has not yet disease (in the incubation period) or plants have symptoms, this time with the agent to deal with plants, can kill or inhibit pathogenic microorganisms, so that plants are no longer affected. This effect is called a therapeutic agent and a therapeutic agent is called a therapeutic agent. Such as: carbendazim, methyl thiophanate, triadimefon, methyl thiophanate and so on.