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Fungicides Of The Modernization
Jul 21, 2017

A class of pesticides used to control plant diseases caused by various pathogenic microorganisms, Fungicides generally referred to as fungicides. The use of fungicides is a cost-effective way to control plant diseases. As the application of fungicides more complex technology, so the pace of development as fast as pesticides, but the fungus on the agricultural production and protection has been more and more recognized by the majority of farmers, Fungicides with the modernization of China's agriculture, the development of fungicides will accelerate.

When spraying with fungicides (including water and wettable powders), it is necessary to mix or dilute the medicament with water to an appropriate concentration. Different fungicides use the concentration of its special requirements, the concentration must be strictly in accordance with the instructions to operate, Fungicides can not be arbitrarily increased or reduced. If the concentration is too high can easily cause phytotoxicity, and the concentration is too low to reach the effect of drug control disease.

In general, spraying the fungicide time too late or too early will affect the control effect. Spraying too early not only cause waste, but also reduce the control effect. And spray time is too late due to a large number of pathogens have been invading the host or cause harm, then even if the spray within the therapeutic agent, Fungicides but also because of the results of the remedy. Therefore, Fungicides the use of fungicides should be based on the occurrence of different diseases and crop prediction and forecast the occurrence of disease and the specific circumstances of the timely use of drugs. Usually the time of the fungicide should be in the pre-onset (protective medication) or early onset (take preventive measures) is better.

The number of times the spraying of the fungicide is mainly determined according to the length of the agent's residual period and the meteorological conditions. Generally every 10 to 15 days spray time, Fungicides a total of spray 2 to 3 times. In case of special circumstances, Fungicides such as after the application of rain, should be promptly spray once.

The quality of the spray of the fungicide includes the amount of medication and the quality of the spray. The number of drugs should be appropriate, Fungicides too much medication on the one hand will increase the cost, on the other hand can easily lead to injury. And medication too little can not achieve the purpose of medication. Medication quality should pay attention to spray when the requirements of fine fog, spray evenly, Fungicides to spray the plant stem and leaf blade positive and negative, and strive to do not leak spray.

Fungicides cause phytotoxicity for a variety of reasons, Fungicides the first general water-soluble drugs prone to phytotoxicity, followed by different crops on the sensitivity of the drug is also different, such as Bordeaux liquid generally does not cause injury, but the copper-sensitive crops Can also produce phytotoxicity. Beans, potatoes, cotton is sensitive to stone sulfur mixture, Fungicides the higher the probability of injury. Furthermore, the response of the different growth and development stages of the crop is also different, the general seedling and booting stage is easy to produce phytotoxicity. In addition, phytotoxicity and weather conditions such as temperature, sunshine, etc. also have a certain relationship, the general high temperature and drought, Fungicides strong sunshine or fog, high humidity and other conditions are likely to cause crop injury.

Fungicide is a lot of alkaline pesticides, it can not be encountered with the decomposition of alkaline substances easy to decompose pesticides, Fungicides such as Bordeaux liquid, Fungicides stone sulfur mixture and other alkaline can not and 1605, dimethoate, dichlorvos mixed use, otherwise Resulting in a lose-lose. There are also some fungicides such as carbendazim, Beauveria bassiana and so can not be mixed with Bordeaux liquid,Fungicides stone sulfur mixture, thiophanate and other fungicides mixed with the same insecticide (bacteria) microbial loss of physiological activity and insecticide (bacteria) ability Failure. In addition, some mixed after the chemical reaction and cause injury can not be chaotic mandarin duck spectrum. Of course, not all of the fungicide can not be mixed with other pesticides, a small number of fungicides and pesticides can also play a synergistic effect after mixing. For example, Fungicides dimethoate and acid bactericidal, such as mancoze or wettable sulfur or colloidal sulfur and other mixed, not only will not affect the efficacy of play, but also to improve the role of efficacy.