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Fungicides More Widely
Aug 16, 2017

Through the refrigerator sealed, sealed at room temperature, sealed exposure, Fungicides exposure exposure four kinds of storage conditions simulation project site, to explore the impact of fungicides on the performance of polycarboxylate superplasticizer and its metamorphic reasons. Fungicides The results showed that there was a significant degree of turbidity in the water-reducing agent without adding fungicides. In particular, under normal temperature and sealing conditions, severe odor and shortening time were shortened, but the storage environment had better effect on the fluidity and the loss of water And the two kinds of fungicides have good anti-corrosion effect, the water-reducing agent of the water, Paul collapse, retardation, appearance and other small impact, Fungicides but not in the outdoor exposure and exposure conditions, and through the GPC Proved polycarboxylate water-reducing agent is due to deterioration of the carbohydrate retarder caused by microbial decomposition.

The water reducing agent is one of the essential components of modern cement concrete. Compared with other types of water-reducing agent, polycarboxylate water-reducing agent has the characteristics of small dosage, high water-reducing rate, strong plasticizing function and environment-friendly, Fungicides and the engineering application is more extensive. However, due to the range of pH value of the polycarboxylate water-reducing agent itself and the organic matter for the propagation of microbial metabolism to create an excellent environment, in the transport and storage process will usually appear discoloration, moldy, smell and other phenomena, serious may be reduced Product performance. At present, the use of organic acids and their esters, mud esters, halogen, Fungicides formaldehyde and formaldehyde slow release as a fungicide, the impact of the performance of the water reducing agent reported very few. In this paper, two kinds of low toxicity and non-irritating fungicides were used to study the effect of polycarboxylate superplasticizer on the appearance and properties of polycarboxylate superplasticizer under different storage environments.

The addition of bactericides to the polycarboxylate water-reducing agent has little effect on the fluidity and the loss of the superplasticizer, and the polycarboxylate water-reducing agent is sealed in the refrigerator, sealed in the room, sealed and exposed. After 30 days storage, Fungicides the fluidity of the paste and the loss of time and the new with the new water-reducing agent. Figure 7 shows that the performance of the polycarboxylate water-reducing agent after 90 days of storage in different environments is comparable to that of the new sample and the water-reducing agent for 30 days. The fluidity of the paste and the storage time, Fungicides storage environment, Changes in the type of fungicide.

In the absence of fungicides, the condensation time of the polycarboxylate water-reducing agent in the sealed atmosphere was shortened by 30% and 20%, respectively, while the refrigerator sealed, sealed and exposed to exposure , Fungicides The time is basically the same. After adding the fungicide, Fungicides the retardation time is similar to that of the water reducing agent without adding the fungicide, and the different storage has little effect on its setting time.