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Fungicides Main Performance
Jul 31, 2017

China's crop disease serious, Fungicides perennial major diseases have more than 300 kinds. National agricultural extension service center to provide the data show: 2011-2015 China's crop disease area of 1.7 billion mu, the control area of 2.4 billion mu, perennial disease prevention and treatment of about 76,000 tons (discount).

In recent years, the main crop diseases in China have been mainly characterized by four characteristics: First, the rice sheath blight has been re-issued year after year, Fungicides and the rice sheath blight has been aggravated in the north, especially in the northeast rice field. Wheat sheath blight and powdery mildew The occurrence of a wide range of disease; Secondly, affected by climate, Fungicides wheat stripe rust, rice blast, potato late blight, wheat scab and other epidemic diseases occur smoothly; again, rice bacterial blight, bacterial leaf spot,Fungicides  Wheat yellow dwarf disease, fish head smut, wheat all disease and maize size spot disease and other disease hazards rebound; Finally, some quarantine disease occurred heavier.

The national agricultural extension service center to promote researcher Shao Zhenrun suggested pesticide enterprises, farmers in the process of disease prevention and control to do the following: First, study and implement the "new" pesticide management regulations, according to the law; Fungicides second, do a good job of biological ecological defense Control, reduce the use of drugs; third, do a good job of technical guidance, scientific medication; Fourth, strengthen training, improve the level of medication; Fungicides Fifth, the rule of defense, Fungicides do a good job of social services. Sixth, the promotion of new drugs, improve utilization.

Pesticide fungicide control plant pests and diseases of a kind of both economic and effective methods, but the use of fungicides should also pay attention to ways and means, Fungicides specifically need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Fungicides cause phytotoxicity for a variety of reasons, the general water-soluble drugs prone to phytotoxicity, different crops on the sensitivity of the drug is also different, such as Bordeaux mixture generally does not cause phytotoxicity, but the copper-sensitive crops may Produce phytotoxicity.

Beans, potatoes, Fungicides cotton on the stone sulfur mixture sensitive, the higher the probability of injury. In addition, the crop in different stages of growth and development of the reaction is also different, the general seedling and booting stage easy to produce phytotoxicity.

Reminder: phytotoxicity and meteorological conditions such as temperature, Fungicides sunshine, etc. also have a certain relationship, the general high temperature and drought, Fungicides strong sunshine or fog, high humidity and other conditions can easily cause crop damage.

When spraying with fungicides (including water and wettable powders), Fungicides it is necessary to mix or dilute the medicament with water to an appropriate concentration.

Reminder: different fungicides use the concentration of special requirements, the preparation of the concentration must be strictly in accordance with the instructions to operate, Fungicides not free to increase or shrink.

If the concentration is too high can easily cause phytotoxicity, Fungicides and the concentration is too low to reach the effect of drug control disease.

Many fungicides are alkaline pesticides, it can not be met with alkaline substances easy to decompose pesticide residues. Such as Bordeaux liquid, stone sulfur mixture and other alkaline, Fungicides and 1605, dimethoate, dichlorvos and other mixed use, otherwise it will occur in the reaction and failure.

There are also some fungicides such as carbendazim, Beauveria bassiana and so can not be mixed with Bordeaux liquid, stone sulfur mixture, thiophanate and other fungicides mixed, Fungicides this will cause insecticide (bacteria) microbial loss of physiological activity or insecticide (bacteria) ability Failure.

Of course, not all of the fungicide can not be mixed with other pesticides, a small number of fungicides and pesticides can also play a synergistic effect after mixing. Fungicides For example, dimethoate and acid bactericidal, such as mancoze or wettable sulfur or colloidal sulfur mixed with, Fungicides not only will not affect the efficacy of play, but also to improve the efficacy of the effect.