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Fungicides Important Measures
Aug 08, 2017

Diseases that occur on tobacco can be classified as infectious and noninvasive. Fungicides The so-called infectious diseases, refers to the biological factors caused by the disease, such diseases can infect each other, there are infection process. Can cause the occurrence of infectious diseases pathogens are fungi, Fungicides bacteria, viruses, nematodes, parasitic seed plants and other five categories, tobacco is the host of these pathogens. The presence of pathogens is an important factor in the occurrence of plant diseases, tobacco bacterial wilt occurs, wildfire, empty stem disease is caused by bacteria, black shank, root black rot is caused by fungi. Fungicides Control of the spread and spread of these pathogens is an important measure to control plant diseases. The so-called non-disseminated disease is caused by non-biological factors, these non-biological factors generally include lack of nutrients or too much, Fungicides the water supply is not coordinated, the temperature is too high or too low, Fungicides lack of sunshine or too strong, soil and air The presence of toxic substances, improper use of pesticides, etc., these diseases are sometimes called physiological diseases. Such as tobacco on the occurrence of climate spots disease, Fungicides tobacco deficiency syndrome and so on.

Chemical pesticides used to control plant diseases, commonly known as fungicides. From the word point of view, "fungicide" must kill the bacteria, but in fact some of the plant disease prevention and treatment of fungicides did not kill the bacteria, but to inhibit its growth or germ spores can not germinate, mycelium to stop growing ; Fungicides Some have no toxic effects on bacteria, but to change the pathogen pathogen or by regulating plant metabolism induced (improve) plant disease resistance. All of these chemicals that can cure plant diseases are included in the broad term "fungicide". For different diseases on tobacco have different fungicides, Fungicides for different fungicides have different application techniques, this chapter will be described in detail. The protective effect of the fungicide on tobacco is reflected in the fact that these agents can control the pathogen that endangers the normal growth of tobacco and be able to ensure the healthy growth of tobacco.

Tobacco disease prevention and control must be based on the theory of pathology, pathology, epidemiology, pathophysiology, the application of ecological systems and systems engineering point of view as a guide, the use of systematic analysis to study the treatment of tobacco disease prevention and treatment. Fungicides Due to the large number of tobacco diseases, the occurrence of different degrees, tobacco diseases, especially some systemic diseases such as tobacco virus disease, tobacco bacterial wilt and so on in the early onset of the onset of symptoms that control measures are often too late. Therefore, in the control strategy to get rid of the "disease pathogen" and "absolute prevention and control theory" of the shackles, the use of disease control system and the relative point of view of prevention and control of pest management as a guiding ideology of disease prevention and control. This idea requires from the ecological, Fungicides economic and environmental protection of the overall point of view, to overcome the simple chemical pesticides to prevent the drawbacks. According to the requirements of this content, Fungicides we must solve some of the serious problems that still exist, Fungicides such as "headache, foot pain," and "lack of comprehensive prevention and control; Fungicides simply over-reliance on chemical pesticide control, indiscriminate use, abuse of pesticides, Biological resistance, beneficial biological damage. Not only the prevention and treatment effect is getting worse, due to the enrichment of biological role, pesticides from the environment into the organisms can be accumulated, and then in the food chain and the mutual transmission and enrichment. Tobacco pesticide biological enrichment results, can only make the tobacco is contaminated, Fungicides the soil is contaminated, tobacco raw materials and smoke products will be detrimental problem, which is now and the future will never be overlooked big problem. Therefore, Fungicides the control of tobacco diseases should be based on the safety of tobacco production services for the pollution-free tobacco production services for the tobacco quality, high yield and high efficiency services.

Of course, under the guidance of the overall system of control of tobacco disease, it does not deny and weaken the use of chemical pesticides to control the status and role of tobacco diseases. On the contrary, to strengthen the study of disease chemical control technology, Fungicides the use of scientific methods, the appropriate application of fungicide this tool, really achieve the prevention and control of tobacco disease.