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Fungicides Higher Security
Nov 02, 2017

In China, the copper preparation is a special existence. As the global sales ranked in the sixth place of fungicides, the copper preparation has not been recognized by the status of the equivalent; on the contrary, most people's impression of copper preparation, especially inorganic copper, is negative, Fungicides such as "poor mixing, easy to occur drug harm" and so on.

Copper ions can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, so a lot of antimicrobial pesticides contain copper elements. The earliest use of copper preparations as fungicides was in 1885, now more than 200 years old. In the past more than 200 years, sales of copper preparations have been growing steadily. Fungicides Especially since 2009, the copper disinfectant has been stable in the global fungicide sales of the top six, known as the world's sixth largest fungicide, global sales far higher than the alcohol, fluconazole, hundred bacteria and other fungicides varieties.

Depending on the acidification of the surface water of the plant, the copper ions are gradually released and the protein of the pathogen is combined to kill the protease degeneration and inhibit the germination and mycelial development of the pathogen. As a broad-spectrum bactericide, Fungicides copper preparation has a prominent control effect on bacterial diseases of many crops, such as rice bacterial stripe spot disease, Libai blight, rice base rot disease, citrus canker disease, cucumber bacterial spot disease, cotton angular spot disease, melon fillet disease, garlic leaf blight, cabbage rot, peanut wilt disease, tobacco wilt disease, Tobacco wildfire disease, ginger ginger plague, flower seedling bacterial disease, peach tree bacterial perforation disease. Fungicides At the same time, some fungal diseases such as Apple brown spot, grape downy mildew, mango leaf spot, etc. have preventive function.

Inorganic copper preparation is the first kind of bacterial medicament, which mainly consists of copper hydroxide, alkali copper sulfate (including alkali copper sulfate, Fungicides Bordeaux liquor, copper sulfate calcium), Wangtong, cuprous oxide and ammonia copper. The representative products of inorganic copper preparations are "copper noble" (alkaline copper sulfate), Jiangsu Dragon Lantern "Ning" (copper sulfate calcium), DuPont can be killed (cupric hydroxide) and so on.

In recent years, more and more safe organic copper preparations have been recognized by the market. At present, the common organic copper preparations in the market include: copper acetate, copper, quinoline copper, amber acid copper (DT), copper, rosin acid copper, humic acid copper, Fungicides fatty acid copper, copper-nitro acid cu, copper naphthenate, copper soap liquid, amino acid copper, amine sulfonic acid copper, mycophenolate ketone and so on. The representative product is "the gram fungus" (bacterium copper).

Because the traditional inorganic copper preparation is very easy to produce the medicine harm, Fungicides this causes the copper preparation to be criticized in our country, also has the many restrictions in the use. In this situation, most of the neutral, better affinity and mixing, Fungicides the use of convenient and safe, easy to operate the organic copper preparation gradually received market attention.