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Fungicides Excellent Control Effect
Oct 19, 2017

Fluxfluramide (fluxapyroxad) is developed by BASF SDHI fungicide, Fungicides it is on cereals, soybeans, corn and rape on the disease has excellent control effect, and has a very excellent internal combustion activity. Foliar spray and seed treatment can be. The use of the dose of 100 ~ 200 g / hm2 .In 2012, fluoroxazole amide listed, when sales of $ 95 million; 2013 sales quickly increased to 210 million US dollars; Fungicides in 2014, further increased to 285 million US dollars; 2015, continue to climb to 390 million US dollars, and successfully beyond the BASF's own product pyridinamide, SDHI fungicides become the largest product.

Benzylidene (boscalid) is also developed by BASF SDHI fungicide, listed in 2003. For the control of powdery mildew, gray mold, a variety of rot, brown rot and root rot, Fungicides and other fungicides without cross-resistance. The use of the dose of 285 ~ 770 g / hm2 .In 2012, pyridinamide sales of 355 million US dollars; 2014 to 39 billion US dollars, reaching the highest level in history; 2015, Fungicides its sales have declined to 3.30 Billion US dollars, which will be in the SDHI class of fungicides reelected for many years to give the top position of fluoxetine amide.

Bipyridamole (bixafen) is developed by Bayer SDHI fungicide, listed in 2010. For the prevention and treatment of leaf spot and leaf rust, Fungicides etc., and is expected to become an important varieties of fungicide resistance. Bayer estimates that the annual peak sales of biphenylpyramine will exceed $ 430 million. In 2012, bipoxystine global sales of $ 100 million; in 2014, doubled to 200 million US dollars; 2015, Fungicides its sales fell 2.5 percent year on year to $ 195 million, but its 2010-2015 Compound annual growth rate of up to 149.9%, in the SDHI class of fungicide growth list ranked first.

Copper ions can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, so a lot of anti-bacterial pesticides contain copper elements. Copper preparations were first used as fungicides, and in 1885, now have more than 200 years of history. In the past 200 years, Fungicides copper sales have been growing steadily. Fungicides In particular, since 2009, the copper agent fungicide has been ranked in the world's top six sales of fungicides, known as the world's sixth largest fungicide, the global sales much higher than tebuconazole, haloconazole, chlorothalonil And other fungicides varieties.