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Flutriafol With Protective And Therapeutic Effects
Jun 14, 2017

Flutriafol Triazole alcohol is a triazole fungicide, which has the protective and therapeutic effect on the disease, and the spore of powdery mildew has the function of eradication, and the medicine 5-10 days, the disease spots can disappear, strong suction, can be crop root, Flutriafol stem, leaf absorption, the root of the absorption capacity is greater than the stem, leaves, into the plant in the agent from the vascular bundle upward transfer to the top of the blades, but not in the phloem for transverse or to the base of the transport. Products for 12.5%, 250 grams/liter suspending agent, 50% WP. It is mainly used to prevent and treat wheat diseases and can be sprayed or seeded. (1) Mix to wheat smut, 12 per 100 kilograms seeds. 5% Suspension Agent $number ml to corn silk smut, each Seper 100 kg seed with 320 ml. When mixed, Flutriafol the medicament was first adjusted to the medicine slurry, Flutriafol and the amount of the slurry was 1 of the seed quantity. 5%, mix evenly and sow. (2) Spray in the rust-filled period, mu with 50% wp $number grams or 250 g/L Suspension agent 16 24 ml; On powdery mildew, sporadic onset of leaf blade to disease rise, or upper 3 leaf morbidity up to $number, mu with 12.5% suspension agent 35 grams, water spray.

Suitable for crop and safety corn, wheat, peanuts, apples, Flutriafol pears, black currant, coffee, vegetables, flowers and so on. Recommended dosage for crop safety. This product can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides.

The control object can prevent many fungal diseases caused by cysticercus, burden bacteria and semi bacteria. The special effects of the bacteria and the burden fungi are suitable for controlling the wheat smut, bunt, head smut, powdery mildew, stripe rust, rust, stalk rust, moire disease, Flutriafol leaf blight, corn, sorghum silk head smut, peanut Peel disease, black spot, apple powdery mildew, Flutriafol rust, pear dark Star disease, black currant powdery mildew and coffee, vegetables and other diseases such as powdery mildew and rust.

The use of the method for the protection, treatment, eradication and absorption of the top conduction, often as seed treatment agent to control the disease. Flutriafol The specific use is as follows.

(1) The control of wheat smut per Lookg Wheat seed with 12.5% WP 240 plant, according to local habits, wet or dry mix can be.

(2) The control of wheat powdery mildew, stripe rust per Lookg seed 12. 5% Wet Powder 120 mixed seed.

(3) To prevent and control wheat powdery mildew, Flutriafol stripe rust, rust, stalk rust, moire disease, Ye Shi disease before or during the early onset of each mu with 12.5% WP 12 32, water spray.

(4) Prevention and treatment of black currant powdery mildew in the early stage with 12.5% WP 2500 liquid spray.

(s) to prevent and cure apple powdery mildew, rust-sensing disease in the early stage with 12.5% WP 3125 DOUBLE liquid spray.

(6) The prevention and treatment of Pear Black Star disease in the early 12. 5% WP 3125-fold liquid spray.

(7) Prevention and control of peanut brown spot, black rot disease in the early stage of each mu with 12.5% wp 16 48c, water spray.