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Flutriafol Therapeutic Effect
Jul 10, 2017

Smectazol is a broad spectrum of internal fungicide, the Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes caused by a variety of diseases have a good protection and treatment, Flutriafol can effectively control wheat crop powdery mildew, Flutriafol rust, smut, corn Smut and so on.

Smelazol was introduced to the market by Syngenta in 1984. For cereal sterilization, but also used in cereals, beets, rape and other crops on the seed coating treatment. Flutriafol However, with the advent of new triazole fungicides, the sales of retinol have gradually declined on grain, but the market share has picked up in recent years due to the mix with methacrylic acid ester fungicides.

2001 cheminova company from the hands of Syngenta won the exclusive distribution of powder products, while in Brazil and other countries began a large-scale promotion work. Flutriafol At present in soybeans, cotton and other large crops have to go to the registration and to achieve the promotion and coordination. At present in the United States, Europe, Brazil and other major markets are registered through the assessment, Flutriafol no regulatory risk.

In 2012, Cheminova delivered a mixture of veazol and azoxystrobin and was promoted on wheat, Flutriafol soybeans and cotton.

In the crop distribution, the main features of the market are:

1, grain: sales of 31.45 Mio.USD. Mainly in Europe and Australia; Australia to a single drug-based, the European Cheminova put more mixed formulations and seed coating agent, Flutriafol but the market share is not high;

2, soybeans: sales of 10.44 Mio.USD. Mainly in Brazil and other Latin American countries, thanks to Cheminova in place with the azoxystrobin mixed with the preparation, the future sales are likely to further enhance;

3, non-agricultural / cash crops: sales 34.36 Mio.USD. Flutriafol Mainly distributed in Latin America's fruits and vegetables, and the use of cash crops.

Overall, with the cheminova in Latin America's strong promotion, the future sales of milazolol will be further enhanced, but the current price relative to the other three products at a low level, Flutriafol the domestic enterprises more restrictive.

At present, there are 29 enterprises registered in the domestic market, of which a total of 11 drugs, the rest are all preparations, Flutriafol the majority of agents to the suspension. There are two complex formulations, and the combination of azoxazole can be combined with azoxystrobin.

Main application of crop and target diseases: Streptomidol has a broad spectrum of bactericidal activity, can control cereal crops (mainly wheat, barley, rye, corn, etc.) stems and leaves, Flutriafol spike disease and soil transmission and breeding diseases, such as Powdery mildew, rust, cloud disease, leaf spot, Flutriafol net spot, smut and so on. At the same time, can also prevent soil and seed transmission disease. Effect on cereal powdery mildew.

Functional characteristics: Granazol can effectively inhibit ergosterol biosynthesis, can cause fungal cell wall rupture, the Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes caused by many diseases have a good protection and treatment, and both fumigation, but the egg Bacteria and bacteria are inactive. Flutriafol The medicine has a better internal absorption, Flutriafol through the plant roots, stems, leaves absorption, Flutriafol and then transferred from the vascular bundle upward, the root of the suction capacity is greater than the stem and leaves. Streptozotocin can inhibit the growth of fungi in vivo or in vitro, especially for the spore heap of wheat powdery mildew. Flutriafol After 5 to 10 days, the original lesion can disappear.