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Flutriafol Strong Promotion
Oct 16, 2017

As a kind of broad-spectrum internal aspiration fungicide, Flutriafol it has good protective and therapeutic effect on many diseases caused by burden bacteria and cyst fungus, and can effectively control wheat powdery mildew, rust, smut and maize smut.

The 1984 was put into the market by the first company. For grain sterilization, but also used in cereals, sugar beets, rapeseed and other crops of seed coating agent treatment.Flutriafol However, with the advent of the new triazole fungicides, the sales of zoledronic alcohol declined gradually in grain, but the market share has rebounded in recent years because of the blending with the methoxy acrylate bactericide.

In the distribution of crops, the main characteristics of zoledronic alcohol are:

1. Cereals: Sales Mio. USD. Mainly distributed in Europe and Australia, Australia with single agent, Europe Cheminova put more mixed dosage forms and seed coating agent, Flutriafol but the market share is not high;

2, soybeans: Sales of Mio. USD. Mainly distributed in Latin American countries, such as Brazil, thanks to the local delivery of Cheminova mixed with the preparation, future sales are likely to further improve;

3. Non-agricultural/cash crops: Sales and Mio. USD. Flutriafol It is mainly distributed in Latin American fruits and vegetables, and the use of cash crops.

Overall, with the strong promotion of Cheminova in Latin America, Flutriafol the future of the sales of zoledronic alcohol will be further improved, but the current price relative to the other three categories of products in the low, the domestic enterprise restrictions on the larger.

At present, there are 29 companies registered in the domestic powder alcohol, of which there are 11 original drugs, the rest are preparation, the majority of the preparation by suspending agent. Flutriafol There were 2 of the compound preparations, and the sterol could be matched with the dipyridamole ester.

The main application of crop and target disease: it has broad-spectrum bactericidal activity and can control the stem and leaf diseases of cereal crops (mainly wheat, barley, rye, corn, etc.) and the diseases of soil propagation and seed transmission, such as powdery mildew, rust, moire disease, leaf spot, Flutriafol net blotch, smut and so on. At the same time, it can prevent soil and seed transmission disease. have special effects on grain powdery mildew.

Features: The sterol can effectively inhibit the biosynthesis of ergosterol, can cause fungal cell wall rupture, the burden of bacteria and cysts caused by many diseases have a good protection and treatment, Flutriafol and have a certain fumigation, but no activity on eggs and bacteria. The drug has a good internal suction effect, through the plant root, stem, leaf absorption, and then from the vascular bundle upward transfer, Flutriafol the root suction capacity is greater than the stem, leaves. It can inhibit the growth of fungi in the plant body or in vitro, especially in the spore heap of wheat powdery mildew, Flutriafol and 5-10 days after drug treatment, the original plaque can disappear.