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Diniconazole Metronidazole
Oct 25, 2017

Other names of allyl alcohol are fast poly, metronidazole, and black spirits. Diniconazole 25% allyl alcohol EC, 12.5% allyl alcohol EC, 10% allyl alcohol EC, 12.5% allyl alcohol WP, 5% allyl alcohol microemulsion, 5% allyl alcohol dry seed coating agent, currently in the Ministry of Agriculture registered pesticide production enterprises close to 40, Diniconazole Can not be mixed with stone sulfur mixture, Bordeaux and other alkaline pesticides, spraying period should be before the onset, the latest should also be used in the early onset.

(1) The use of the control of maize silk spike disease is 100 kg of seed with fast poly 12.5% wp 400-640 grams (fold active ingredient 60-80 grams/mu), before sowing seed.

(2) Control wheat powdery mildew. 32-64 grams per mu of 12.5% allyl alcohol wp (4-8 g/MU) generally add 75-100 kilograms of water, fully mixed evenly after the onset of disease before or after the initial spray 1-2 times, Diniconazole the general two injection interval of 15 days, but also before sowing wheat seed, 100 kg wheat with 12.5% allyl alcohol WP 120-160 grams (folded active ingredient 15-20 g/100 kg seed).

(3) Control wheat smut. 100 kg seed with fast poly 2% wp 200-250 grams (broken active ingredient 4-5 grams/kg seed), mixed seed method is the same, can also be cured wheat rust and other diseases.

(4) control the smut of sorghum silk. 100 kg seeds using a fast poly 5% seed agent 300-400 grams (folding active ingredient 15-20 grams/100 kg seed), the same method, no effect on sorghum seedling.

2, control peanut disease. In the early stages of brown spot, Diniconazole black spot, 12.5% wp 16-48 grams per mu, add water spray.

3, prevent and control black currant powdery mildew. The use of Speed poly 12.5% WP diluted 1700-2500 times liquid (equivalent to 50-75 mg/kg), in the early stages of the spray, general spraying two times, the interval of 15 days.

4, prevent fruit tree disease. In Apple powdery mildew, Diniconazole rust, pear Black Star disease early, the use of fast poly 12.5% WP dilution concentration of 3000-4000 times liquid (equivalent to 31-42 mg/kg), in the beginning of the onset of spray, spraying drug 4-5 times, each interval 15-20 days;Diniconazole control banana leaf spot, 25% The allyl alcohol emulsion is diluted with water by 1500-2000 times spray.