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Azoxystrobin The Production Process
Sep 28, 2017

Chinese aliases: (E)-[2-[6-(2- cyanobactyl) pyridine -4- basal oxygen] -3- methoxymethacrylate; Amitsida; (E)-2-{2-[6(2- cyanobenzoxy) pyridine-4 - kioxy] ben-3-methoxymethacrylate

The half-life of the optical solution in aqueous solution is 2 weeks, and the hydrolysis is stable. The original drug is white to yellow solids (the higher the content, the better the fineness and the lighter color).

The product is methoxyl acrylic ester (Strobilurin) kind of pesticide, high efficiency, broad spectrum, for almost all of the fungi (to ascomycotina, basidiomycotina, flagellated bacteria and door and imperfect fungi and door) disease such as powdery mildew, rust, clever spot blight, net, downy mildew, blast, etc all have good activity. It can be used in stem leaf spray, seed treatment and soil treatment, mainly for grain, rice, peanut, grape, potato, fruit tree, vegetable, coffee, lawn, etc. The dosage is 25ml-50/ mu. It can not be mixed with pesticide emulsification, especially organophosphorus emulsification, and it can not be mixed with organophosphorus synergistic agent. It can cause drug damage due to permeability and exhibition, and acute transupial: >5000mg/kg; Acute percutaneous: > 2000mg/kg.

On the protection of the tomato, the drug has been found, the tomato seedling should be carefully used in 2 weeks. The study found that the powdery mildew of vegetables has been resistant to the pyrethane and has been applied more than 2 times in succession, and the effect has decreased significantly.

Its bacteria ester technical and distribution have a patent period, began in March 2013, a large number of domestic manufacturers in the single dose and distribution of products and promotion, has a larger impact on other category fungicide.

Domestic main dosage forms and content: 25% SC, 50% WG, 32.5% tripyrium phenyl ether SC, 20-32% pyriloxazole SC, 20-50% tripyrimidazolol SC; 10-50% of the propionyl ester enyl morpholine SC/WG (excluding seed treatment).

Functional features

1. The bactericidal spectrum is wide: one drug treatment multiple disease, reducing the amount of medicine, lowering the production cost

2. Increase resistance to disease: get sick, grow up, start early, go public early, and sell at a high price

Improve resilience: poor weather can also be highly productive

4. Delay aging: lengthen the harvest, increase total production, and improve the total income

5. Effective duration: 15 days of special effects, less use of drugs, less agricultural residues, and high quality and premium prices

6. High efficiency and safety: the internal suction strong penetration effect is obvious, and the natural and low toxicity safety of the market

The market

The product is the world's largest strobilurin fungicide, with high demand and frequent breakage, with 92% of the original price between 120,000 and 130,000.

Production process: 1. 3000 reaction caldron 18 (basic configuration), which also requires high pressure kettle, the supporting facilities should have high vacuum pump group, distillation tower and so on. The equipment cost of this product is relatively high, the annual production of 50 tons of products can only cost about 2 million yuan. 2. An intermediate of the product (benzodiazol) can cause severe skin irritation. The allergy lasts for about half a month and there is no specific drug. (the problem has been solved by process improvement)

3. A middle body of the product (4, 6-dichlorpyrimidine) is highly volatile under normal temperature and its drying process is extremely demanding for equipment.