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Azoxystrobin Bactericidal Effect
Oct 16, 2017

Both are pathogenic fungi of the mitochondrial respiratory inhibitors, Azoxystrobin i.e. through cytochrome b and C. Electron transfer inhibits the respiration of mitochondria, interferes with the energy supply of cells, and causes cell death, thus playing a bactericidal role. There are more disinfectants acting on mitochondrial respiration, but the site of the role of Phenoxy acrylate fungicides (cytochrome b) differs from all previous fungicides, thus, it is effective for producing resistant strains of sterol inhibitors (e.g. triazole), Azoxystrobin phenyl amide, Dicarboxylic amide, Benzimidazole.

Very good activity was shown for almost all fungal species (cysts, burden strains, egg-fungus and half-known fungi). such as wheat powdery mildew, leaf blight, Red Spot disease, net spot disease, black fishy disease, rice blast, sheath blight, as well as downy mildew, disease, etc. have very good activity, the prevention of disease is more important.

Has the protection and the curative effect, Azoxystrobin and has the good infiltration and the internal suction function, may the stem leaf sprays, the surface application medicine, the processing seed and so on use.

Highly selective, safe for crops, people, livestock, Azoxystrobin and beneficial organisms, without pollution to the environment

These compounds, in addition to inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, also have an electron-transfer inhibitory effect on certain insects and plants, and therefore have the potential to develop pesticides and herbicides from phenoxy acrylic esters, which have been patented.

In addition to fungicides, similar structural pesticides and herbicides may be present in the future, as the chemical structure can inhibit their electron transfer in physiological activities of animals and plants, thus inhibiting their respiration. At present, this kind of fungicide mainly has the bacterium ester, Azoxystrobin the ether bacterium ester, the pyrazole ether, the bacterium ester, the allyl amine and so on.

The products of the Amistar and other varieties, there are 25%, 50% of the suspension agent, 50% of water dispersant, with internal suction, osmotic activity, sterilization broad spectrum, protection and treatment to eradicate the role. The special effect period is long and the low concentration is short. Azoxystrobin can prevent and control white powder, frost mildew, early epidemic disease, wither, anthrax and tomato late epidemic disease, Apple wheel grain disease and spot deciduous disease.

The product of the ether fungus ester is Cui bei and so on, for powdery mildew, rust, Black Star, early blight and tomato late blight, apple leaf deciduous disease has rapid sterilization, long duration and protection, eradication and treatment role, 30% WP can be used 2000-3000 times spraying, 50% dry suspension agent 5,000 times times. The product name of pyrazole ether Ester is Kai run and so on, Azoxystrobin it is the ether fungus Ester joins a pyrazole ring and name. Its characteristics and the same as the ether bacteria ester, bactericidal spectrum wide, high activity, with protective and therapeutic effects. The control effect of powdery mildew, frost mildew, Azoxystrobin Black Star and leaf spot is good.