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Application Of Pesticides In The Fields
Aug 30, 2016

Applications in the field, to ensure that the quality of pesticides, Bt bacteria growth temperature conditions are satisfied, the higher the temperature, pathogenicity is stronger. To avoid strong sunlight, because UV on the Bt bacteria can cause injury, preferably in the application after 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Also must note that purpose pest's habits and sensitivity, host plants and environmental conditions and the application of Synergist. For example, control boring insects in the hatching season, spray 2-3 times, especially for stem borers and control effects. Borer, once into the stem-boring, poor control. Controlling corn borers, must be strictly controlled in the late maize heart leaf medication in order to receive good results. Control of cotton bollworm, ovulation should be mastered peak 2 days ~3 days after spraying, the effect is significant. Insect pest control not of the masses, eggs don't play pest control experience. In this way, the larvae hatch, a bite of eggs eat the pesticides in the stomach, and soon poisoned to death. B2 insecticide residual efficacy up to 7 days ~10 days. If after applying rainfall, rainwater will wash solution should be sprayed again.