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Yancheng Limin Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded as Yancheng Limin Chemical Factory in 1986. At present, we are the good enterprise approved by Agriculture Ministry and Industry & Information Industry Ministry of China for pesticide, AAA-ranked enterprise of Jiangsu province for good credit, the large/medium-scale chemical enterprise of Jiangsu province, Hi-tech enterprise of Jiangsu province covering an area of 80,000sq.m.

East factory:

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West factory:

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International team:



We now have over 350 employees and 60 technicians. Based on domestic market, we are working hard on the expansion of international market and sales network. At present, we annually produce about CNY 300 million of products and get about CNY 30 million of taxes and profits. As a licensed enterprise for import and export business, we have successfully sold our products in 29 provinces of China and foreign markets such as Southeast Asia, East Europe, and South America, etc.  






We have 2 production plants: the east and the west. There are 6 synthesis workshops in the west production plant. They are:

No.1 workshop produces Pymetrozine, 2-Cyanophenol, Dinotefuran, Etoxazole and Prothioconazole.

No.2 workshop produces Paclobutrazol and 1-Choloropinacolone.

No.3 workshop produces Flutriafol, Tebuconazole, Hexaconazole and Cyproconazole.

No.4 workshop produces Azoxystrobin and Thifluzamide.

No.5 workshop produces Triadimefon and Triadimenol.

No.6 workshop produces Diniconazole and Indoxacarb.


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Besides, there is refrigeration workshop, mechanical and electrical workshop, storage, inspection center, synthesis laboratory and dosage formulation laboratory.

 Formulation laboratory:


About the east production plant, there is a synthesis workshop that produces Pinacolone. Besides, there is EC preparation workshop, two EC packaging workshops, WP and WDG packaging workshop, crushing workshop and SC preparation and production workshop. Otherwise, there is refrigeration workshop, mechanical and electrical workshop, storage, logistics distribution and so on.